Microsoft .Net

Course Content


  • A Review of classic ASP
  • Client Side Scripting Languages
  • IIS Architecture
  • Server Side Scripting Languages
  • Web Development using Visual Studio


  • What is ASP.Net
  • Moving from ASP to ASP.Net
  • Name Spaces and New Scenario
  • In Page Techniques and Code Behind Techniques
  • Web Pages to Web Forms


  • Client Side vs. Server Side Controls
  • HTML Server Controls
  • Web Server Controls
  • ASP.Net Page Execution Architecture
  • Rich Controls & Controlling Focus

Validating User Input

  • Overview of Asp.Net Validation Controls
  • Using Simple & Complex validations
  • Summarizing Results with Validation Summary Control


  • Introduction to Web Forms
  • Applying Styles to Controls,Themes,Skins
  • Page Directives
  • Using CSS Master pages Design


  • Preserving State in Web Applications
  • Page Submission & Cookies
  • Session States & Tracking
  • Application State

ADO.NET and Bound Controls in ASP.NET

  • Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net
  • Data Reader
  • Data List
  • Retrieve Data Using Data Set
  • Repeater
  • Data Source Controls
  • SQL Data Source
  • Bind Data to Drop Down List
  • Form View and Details View
  • Grid View – Paging, Sorting, Editing, Deleting etc.

Data Connections with Various Databases

  • Connection with MS Access
  • Oracle Connections
  • SQL Server Connections
  • Database Creation & Linking with UI

Data Binding

  • Introducing Data Source Controls
  • Reading and write Data using SqlDataSource Control
  • ObjectDataSource Control Usage
  • Displaying XML data using XmlDataSource Control

ASP.NET Error Handling & Debug

  • Page Level Error Handling
  • Application level Error Handling
  • Debugging & Tracing


  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Windows,Forms,Password Authentication
  • Authoring Users and Roles


  • Asp.Net Website Navigation
  • Site Navigation Controls Usage
  • Using Site Navigation API

AJAX Intro

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Explaining Controls in Ajax Tool Kit.


  • Web Part Manager
  • Zone Types
  • Content Web part
  • Catalog Web parts
  • Personalization Features using  Web parts

ASP.NET Additional Concepts

  • Web Services Intro. and XML Services
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Crystal Reports Introduction.



  • Net Frame Work
  • Features of Net
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • Common Language Specifications(CLS)
  • Common Language Runtime(CLR)
  • Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
  • Garbage Collection


  • Data Types
  • Type Conversions
  • Methods in C#
  • Structures, Enumerations
  • Strings

Branching & Flow  Control

  • Looping
  • Conditional Branching
  • Repeating Code Blocks
  • Unconditional Branching

Object Oriented Programming

  • OOPS Concepts
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Method Overloading and Overriding
  • Abstract Classes and Methods
  • Name Spaces
  • Working with Arrays

Exception  Handling

  • Structured Error Handling
  • System Defined Exceptions
  • Custom Exceptions
  • Try , Catch , Finally

Delegates and Events, Generics

  • Introducing delegates
  • Working with Events
  • Introducing Generics
  • Generics and Arrays

Database Programming (ADO.NET)A Review of Classic ASP

  • Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net
  • Data Providers in .Net
  • Data Reader and Data List
  • Retrieve Data Using Data Set
  • Connection Pooling
  • Data Grid View with DML operations

GUI Application Development

  • Windows forms and Controls
  • Creating Menus
  • Toolbars
  • Tree view, List view
  • Programming with Adv. Controls

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  • Virtual classroom training via state of art online collaboration tools with sharing of all the presentations, demonstrations over real time systems.
  • Video files of the tool navigations taught during the sessions shall be shared with you post every session.
  • assignments to help you get hands on experience to handle such requirements in future. Real time case studies along with assignments shall be part of the courses.
  • In addition to the training videos, material required to prepare for certification shall be provided. An expert guidance for people interested in certification on any particular technology.
  • Career oriented assistance shall be offered to interested subscribers as part of the same course track.
  • Interview assistance and On job support shall be offered to all on demand, after successful completion of training


This training is in detail. Appreciate trainers patience while handling the course contents at the convenience of audience pace.
Venkat Ram, Miami
A very good understanding of Microsoft .Net with this course. Also hands on exercises provided by the trainer helped me to understand better.
Tara, Pittsburgh
Very cooperative team assisting me to complete my training in the next batch as I had dropped out of earlier batch due to my own reasons. Thanks for the flexibility.
Ramesh, Newark