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SAP Production Planning (PP)


SAP Production Planning:

The Production Planning module caters to the multiple needs of a manufacturing organisation.The need for planning in the manufacturing organisation is fulfilled through different planning methods at different planning levels.Planning can also be done for resources/machines to achive maximum utilization. Execution of plan on shopfloor is equally important for the manufacturing organisations hence PP module has functionalities to track the deviations.Standard reports are available to address the reporting need of the Production users.

Course Content

Features of SAP PP:


  • Overview of ERP
  • About SAP
  • SAP Hierarchy Structure

Master Data

  • Material Master
  • Bill of Material – BOM
  • Work Center
  • Routing – Different types of Routing
  • Production Version

Sales and Operational Planning – SOP

  • Standard Planning (with standard so76 info structure)
  • Planning with the Product Groups
  • Planning with the Materials
  • Product Group Aggregation and Desegregation
  • Creation of Plan and version management
  • Transfer of Plan to Demand Management

Master Planning

  • Demand Planning
  • Creation of PIR (Planned independent requirements)
  • Planning Strategies

Planning Material Requirement

  • Master Data requirements in MRP
  • Carrying MRP Procedure MRP, MPS, CBP
  • Difference between MRP Vs MPS
  • Control indicators Processing like NETCH, NETPL, NEUPL
  • Evaluation of planning results and planning table
  • Master Production Scheduling planning run (MPS RUN)
  • MRP Run In Background for all network Plants
  • Processing Planned orders
  • Planned orders conversion
  • Production Orders from planned orders
  • Production order creation
  • Production order confirmation

Goods Movement in PP

  • Goods Receipt wref to Production Order
  • Goods Issue wref to Production Order
  • Creation of GI wref to Reservation
  • Restricting Goods Receipt Unless Production Order is Confirmed

Batch Management

  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequence
  • Strategy Types
  • PP Batch Search Procedure
  • Batch Status in PP
  • Characteristics and class
  • SLED In Batch in PP
  • Manual And Automatic Batch Display In PP
  • Production orders creation using Batch

Variant Configuration in PP
Variant Configuration in BOM

  • Characteristics
  • Class
  • Classification
  • Classification settings in material master
  • Maintain Dependency
  • Configurable Profile for Material

Availability Check
Availability Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning
Repetitive and Discrete Manufacturing Process

  • Master Data Maintenance
  • Production versions
  • REM Profile
  • Backflusing
  • REM Back flushing


  • MM
  • SD
  • QM
  • WM
  • FI
  • Plan the order start and finish date considering the lead time of raw material
  • Visibilty of stock
  • Exception messages for planning elements which require manual intervention
  • Track material on shopfloor
  • Track the status of orders
  • Reporting
  • Integration with other modules

The SAP CO (Controlling) Module endow with supporting information to Management for the purpose of planning, report-ing, as well as monitoring the operations of their business. Management decision-making can be achieved with the level of information provided by this module. The cost elements are the foundation for cost accounting and facilitate the User the ability to display costs for each of the accounts that have been assigned to the cost element. Cost Center Account-ing provides information on the costs incurred by your business. You have the ability to assign Cost Centers to depart-ments and managers responsible for certain areas of the business as well as functional areas within the SAP. Cost Centers can be created for such functional areas as Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Information Systems, Administrative Support, Legal, Shipping / Receiving, or even Quality.


  • SAP abbreviation and modules
  • What is R/3?
  • SAP Log-on Process and SAP Navigation
  • Common Commands in SAP (like /N and /O,/EX,CTR+Y,etc,F4 and F1 functions, common icons like glass, clock, etc)
  • Classification of consultants (Technical and Functional)
  • Organizational Units and Organization structure
  • Classification of data (master data and transactional data)
  • Material Master, base unit of measure and alternate unit of measure.
  • Bill Of Material
  • Work center
  • Routing
  • Production version
  • Production Resource Tools
  • SAP PP Overview
  • Process flow and classification of Production planning
  • Planning Process
  • Types of manufacturing process (Discrete, repetitive, process)
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Repetitive manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Special scenarios (batch management, scrap, rework)
  • Reports
  • Types of projects (Implementation, Support, Roll-out, Upgrade)
  • SAP system landscape
  • ASAP Methodology of implementation
  • Data uploading tools and developments (BDC and LSMW, Functional specification doc, tables in PP)

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Courses Highlights

  • Virtual classroom training via state of art online collaboration tools with sharing of all the presentations, demonstrations over real time systems.
  • Video files of the tool navigations taught during the sessions shall be shared with you post every session.
  • assignments to help you get hands on experience to handle such requirements in future. Real time case studies along with assignments shall be part of the courses.
  • In addition to the training videos, material required to prepare for certification shall be provided. An expert guidance for people interested in certification on any particular technology.
  • Career oriented assistance shall be offered to interested subscribers as part of the same course track.
  • Interview assistance and On job support shall be offered to all on demand, after successful completion of training


It is rare to find a good mentor in SAP PP. I am glad to find one here at IT folks@US. The course content and the training approach are quite impressive.
Manish, New Jersy
On the whole I liked the way your support team handled the training schedule and dedicated server access support. On top of all these, trainer was at his best.
Vikram, New York
I was not very clear initially if SAP PP was my right choice. Thanks to team at IT folks@US, who helped me learn this module and resume preparation.
Nikuj, San Diego