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We understand that the primary concerns of a professional looking to make a career are focused on the hourly pay rate, duration of the project and not the least, location of the project as well. What most of them fail to consider is that the educational background and the academic qualifications almost always fall short of providing a clear insight into the best suited technology and the market trends and forecast over immediate years as well for that particular technology. It is a fact that such task needs constant Market Research as well as considerable expertise on the subject matter.

The most sought after help in this regard would be an expert advice. Consolidating on tons of opinions available on the internet or an advice from the company interested in particular technologies are of limited help. Subject Matter Experts (SME)s, Talent Managers and Job Market Analysts together conduct regular Webinars – Talk2Expert, bringing to you details over pan Technologies, Trainings offered and the current job market trends and prospective opportunities in future as well. Not just these, all your questions and concerns would be addressed in detail during these sessions.

We welcome IT folks pan USA to nominate themselves to any such webinars any number of times and interact with Subject Matter Experts and Talent Management group. Subscription to these Webinars is absolutely free and everyone is welcome to attend these sessions. All you need to manage is to register bit in advance in order to reserve your place as each of these sessions which are again is for limited audience. We recommend you to register with the portal for us to keep you posted on such upcoming Webinars and special events regularly.

Our Job Market Analyst, Talent managers are working regularly to consolidate the information on the current and future job market trends span technologies. Information shared during these Webinars is not in particular to any company’s interest over technologies neither we promote any product companies. Our motive behind these Webinars is to share information on opportunities and advice you on which technologies suit you best taking into consideration all the factors.

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